Recent Kairos SA Update

KAIROS SA UPDATE NO 4: This was sent on 17 April 2011

 Dear Kairos Friends

 Greetings to you! The Palestine Kairos group has now returned to Palestine after a very successful visit in South Africa and we can now report the following to you:


 The SACC has decided to hold a symposium on Kairos Palestine from 31 May – 1 June, and Kairos Southern Africa will support this initiative. As soon as more details of this event becomes available, we will let you know. 

  1. The people of Palestine deserve a strong and united Solidarity movement, especially in South Africa. We have been asked to assist with this and have given our support to ensure that this happens.
  2. The WCC Week of Prayer for Peace in Palestine and Israel is scheduled from 29 May – 4 May June. You are encouraged to focus on this in your local congregation and of course in your private prayers. Please let me know if your local congregation will be planning something special for this week. For resources about this week, you can go to
  3. The Beyers Naude centre at Stellenbosch university has assisted us to launch the Palestine Kairos document in Afrikaans. Please see . We have now asked for quotes to also translate the Palestine Kairos document into other South African languages. Watch this space….
  4. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine will happen in Cape Town on 6 – 7 November 2011. You can read more about this on  but we will also use this as an opportunity to have a global Kairos meeting either before or after the Tribunal. The question that the Russell Tribunal in Cape Town will deal with is: IS ISRAEL AN APARTHEID STATE?
  5. We have decided to send at least three young people to the SABEEL Young adult conference in July.


 There has been a request from some of those who attended the JHB conference and who visited Cape Town, for Kairos SA to begin to do some global co-ordination of Kairos work. This we will approach carefully and some things have already started in this regard. There is a major WCC conference happening in May in Jamaica and we will send at least one representative to this conference.

  1. Please continue to keep our sisters and brothers in Swaziland and Zimbabwe in our prayers. The news we are getting from Zimbabwe is truly shocking – just yesterday a Roman Catholic priest, Fr Marko Mkandla, was arrested for addressing a memorial service for victims of the 1980s Gukurahundi massacres in Matabeleland and Midlands regions.
  2. People are continuously joining Kairos Southern Africa and are paying their membership fees, and others are also giving us donations. This is very exciting but we do not have the liberty to let people know who are joining but certainly we are very excited that most of the major theological figures in South Africa have either joined or given us their full support. If you wish to join, please see the attached membership form.
  3. Kairos members and supporters are encouraged to meet in Provinces with people close to you. It is hoped that people will set priorities locally and focus on these. I am co-ordinating nationally so I ask people to please keep in contact with me.
  4. Kairos Southern Africa is therefore moving forward, and we have adopted the logo below as our official logo.

  Other issues:

  •  The deaths this week of a Maths teacher in Meqheleng outside Ficksburg, Andries Tatane as well as an Italian activist in Gaza, Vittorio Arrigoni, is deeply disturbing. Those who are responsible for these acts must be brought to book as soon as possible. Please keep their families in your prayers.
  • We welcome the appointment of Rev Mautji Pataki as the new General Secretary of the SACC. We are here to strengthen his hand. Please keep him in your prayers.
  • We also wish Bishop Ivan Abrahams well on his appointment as the new General Secretary of the World Methodist Council. Well done!
  • Fr Michael Weeder has been appointed as Dean of St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town and will be installed on 4 May. We wish him strength in his new ministry.
  • Please keep Rev Basil Manning in your prayers. We wish him strength after the passing away of his wife.
  • Congratulations to Dirkie Smit and Piet Naude on winning the Andrew Murray/Desmond Tutu book prize award for their writings on Public theology and the Belhar confession.
  • Congratulation to UJ for deciding to send a strong message to Israel by allowing their agreement with Ben Gurion University to lapse.
  • We have received disturbing news about a medical doctor (Dr Kian) who is being held in Iran and are working with others to ensure his release. Please keep him in your prayers. Archbishop Tutu has also intervened in Gaza to ensure the release of prisoners there and we will watch these developments closely.

 Much to pray about, and also much to celebrate. A blessed Holy Week to you all.



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