Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

From 29 May to 4 June 2011, our prayers will focus on Jerusalem. Here is a suggested prayer which can be used by those who lead the prayers:

pray for the peace of Jerusalem

My brothers and sisters, grateful for the gift of life and peace, let us pray

for the peace of Jerusalem,

and for the coming of the new and eternal city      

where God will be all in all:

For the Church of God,

that she may work and pray

for the peace of Jerusalem, we  pray…

For the Mother Church of Jerusalem, that

she may live out her vocation to build-up the 

peace of Jerusalem, we pray…   

For political leaders, that they may take 

bold initiatives for the peace of Jerusalem, 

we pray…                 

For zealots on all sides, that they may put   

aside their animosities and be still for the    

 sake of Jerusalem’s peace, we pray…          

For peacemakers, that they may have          

courage and perseverance, we pray…           

For Jews, Christians, and Muslims that          

we may learn to be at peace with one                 

another in the Holy Land                                

we pray to the Lord,                                

For all those who have died attempting to      

bring peace to Jerusalem and the Holy                

Land, that they may rest securely in the              

bosom of Abraham. Amen.

(Suggested by Fr Michael Weeder, dean-elect of St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town)


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