A prayer written by Stiaan vd Merwe



Dare we make a sound to mention and whisper: Nkosi, Hashem, God, Allah? (silence)

 Forgive us:

For using Your Names in vain to justify what we are thinking, feeling, saying and doing.

That others had to become who they are and do what they do in order to teach us exactly that about ourselves.


We pray for the fall of governments that oppress and mutilate people, land and nature.  

 As we pray for peace, we pray for courage to love against injustice and not doing what comes so naturally to us.

As we pray this prayer we are grateful for the lessons of life, death and spirituality that we might otherwise never have learnt.


To have learnt and to remember:

 How injustice feels in our bodies, every day.

How injustice feels in our bodies when our bombs kill and maim soldiers and civilians… on the other side.

How justice feels in our bodies albeit in small moments…. Moments that we may not even be able to recall yet know they are there.

How hope feels in our bodies albeit in small and isolated moments when “others” join our marches and protests… and also when they challenge us.

How hopelessness and cynicism feel in our bodies when the mighty USA and her President foolishly and sheepishly surrenders their conscience.

How forgiveness feels in our bodies when we forgive them as well.

How courage feels when we have to look inside ourselves to face the injustice that we commit.

To learn the biggest lesson of all , it is the unbearably soft and powerful yoke of love with not a single condition.

To love the soldier at the checkpoint and the suicide bomber because he or she is my brother and sister.

To so deeply appreciate the mystery and beauty of life when an old, uprooted and replanted olive tree starts showing signs of life.


And when liberation and change arrive:

 Grant us the grace to take responsibility for our actions and to accept the consequences thereof.

Grant us the dignity to clearly see a new time and a new place and to avoid repeating history.

May victory be a reminder to be humble and to receive the gifts thereof with ease, grace and gratitude

May we not defile victory by becoming that which we have been against.

May we be kind on our eyes once we see the suffering we have caused.

May we continue to see and resist injustice as a way to change “the other” as well as what is “ours”.

May you help us access our strength to fearlessly stand in the power of truth.

May we wisely speak and act truth to power, especially the truth about the sanctity of power as a means and opportunity to serve.

May we receive the resolve to hold perpetrators of injustice accountable for their actions.

May there be someone for us in times of depressions and post-traumatic conditions.

May you give us the courage of compassion to accompany those in the pain of change and to be in solidarity with them as well.

May there be at least someone who will embrace us in moments of change to face our shame, anger, pain, disillusionment, disgrace, loneliness, resistance and meaninglessness.

May we be filled with compassion to provide space for the deeply wounded to heal without taking away the opportunity to walk that path.

May reconciliation be a reality and not a commission.

 We commit ourselves to be co-creators of Your liberation, hope, love, joy and justice.


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