An anti-poverty Creed

An anti-poverty creed for Christians


We believe in God, who created human beings to live life in all its fullness.

We believe that all people have the breath of God in them

And therefore have a God-given dignity that should be respected and affirmed.

We believe that people living in poverty are a denial of the generosity and abundance of our God.

We believe in Jesus who put the poor, the children, the women and the marginalized at the centre of his concern and compassion,

Thereby redeeming them from the crosses they face each day.

We believe that Jesus proclaimed a Gospel of Good news to the poor

And that when we feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit those in prison

We are doing it unto Jesus.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who empowers us to believe that poverty will be overcome.

We believe in the Spirit of ubuntu, a spirit of sharing and compassion.

We believe that the Church is the hands, feet, ears and eyes of Jesus

And that even as the wounded Body of Christ we are called to bring healing and wholeness to God’s wounded and broken world.

We believe that poverty is the greatest challenge towards us having life in all its fulness.

We believe in the vision of the kingdom of God where there is no distinction between people, where there is no poverty and where we are all one in Christ.

We believe in working for this kingdom now, and to live that kingdom in embryo. Now.

(This creed was composed by RevEdwin Arrison. Written comments are welcome at


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