Message from SACC to Kairos Palestine Youth gathering

Message of Support from the Central Committee of the South African Council of Churches.

Gathered at its meeting of the Central Committee of South African Council of churhes held from the 7th – 8th June 2011, and taking cognisance of the conference of the Palestinian Kairos Youth currently under way in Bethlehem, Palestine, issue heartfelt ecumenical and solidarity greetings.

This greeting is brought to you on behalf of millions of Christians in South Africa, who know what it means to suffer unjust rule and, with a deep faith in the God of justice, know the inevitability of the triumph of good over evil. Your struggle against what is in many ways a struggle against an Apartheid state, is a struggle about which we feel deeply, and with which we offer our unhesitating support and solidarity.

During its deliberations, the SACC Central committee further resolved as follows:


 The SACC Central Committee

a) Re-affirms the work of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel addressing the human rights violation suffered by Palestinian people through repeated attacks by Israel forces and the illegitimate occupation of the Palestinian territory by Israel.

b) Acknowledge with appreciation the initiative of reconciliation between Hamas and FATAH and call on them to work together in finding peaceful resolutions

c) Deplores all round use of violence as a solution in addressing these problems.

d) Affirms the work of the EAPPI Programme and recommends that it be used as a vehicle for convening the Church Leaders visit.

We join you in spirit in your deliberations, and wish you Godspeed in your efforts.

Never give up.

A just peace is possible in Palestine .

We look forward to the day when we will celebrate freedom and security for Palestinians and Israelis, a peace without the walls of apartheid.

God bless you.

Central Committee, The South Africa Council of Churches. Johannesburg.


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