Kairos SA update no 5: June 2011

This update was sent to several people in South Africa last week:


Dear Kairos friends

Greetings to you all.

As we mourn the death of Mama Sisulu, we give thanks to God for her and for the example that she leaves us.
We pray for her family at this time, and that we may be strengthened to continue to build the non-racial, non-sexist South Africa that she worked for and dreamed about. Hamba Kahle, Mama Sisulu!

I wish to fill you in on some of the recent local and global developments around Kairos….

But let me firstly welcome all those who became members of Kairos SA in the last month, and also those who
have paid membership fees and given other donations. This is very heartening and encouraging as we continue to build Kairos SA.

Kairos USA: Mark Braverman has convened a meeting in Chicago for
tomorrow 18h00 (our time) that will bring together various people to speak
about the formation of Kairos USA in order to work with us, Kairos Palestine,
Kairos Europa, etc. Some of the people who have committed to be present at this
meeting are Don Wagner, Pauline Coffman, Lynn Hybels, Larry Greenfield, Don
Williams, Paul Parker, Gary Burge and Jim Raw. We have sent them a message of
support and encouragement. Please keep this meeting in your prayers.

Sri Lanka:        Something similar is happening in Sri Lanka, with the recent formation of a “Friends of
Palestine” group in Sri Lanka, which was initiated by the YMCA there. Please
also keep the work of this group in your prayers.

Kairos SA blogspot: Some of you will be
aware of the Kairos Southern Africa blogspot, which is at www.kairossouthernafrica.wordpress.com
. Please have a look at it, and also subscribe if you feel so moved. If you
have an article to contribute which you think might be relevant for the
blogspot, please email it to me. Also feel free to make comments on the
blogspot, and to link our blog with yours. Those on Facebook can also join the
Kairos Southern Africa group on Facebook. On the ABOUT page on the
blogspot, you will find the constitution as well as our bank details.

Provincial and country co-ordinators: We ask
people across Southern Africa to get together in small groups and where
possible, to appoint a co-ordinator for your province, country or region. That
person can then connect with me and we will find ways of supporting the work
that you wish to do in your particular area. In the Western Cape we have
appointed Lungisa Mndende as the Provincial co-ordinator, with an initial focus
on Khayelitsha.

People on the move: We wish Dr Clint le Bruyns
well as he moves to KZN at the end of this month. Rev Dix Sibeko will also be
moving to Grahamstown at the end of this year and she will connect with Prof
Pityana, Rev Zweli Tom and others in the Eastern Cape to find ways of
connecting whatever happens there with Kairos Southern Africa.

Methodist Church resolution on Palestine Kairos: We congratulate the Methodist Church (Cape of Good Hope district) for
recently passing a resolution on support for the people of Palestine. This will
now be taken to their connexional assembly as well. We ask that those of you
who attends Synods, assemblies, etc find ways of ensuring that resolutions of
support for the people of Palestine are passed by different denominations in
South Africa as soon as possible. Please be in touch with me if you need the
wording for such a resolution.

Russell Tribunal: the planning for this tribunal is now well underway. It will happen at the district Six museum in
Cape town from 4 – 6 November and will be opened by Arch-emeritus Tutu.

Global Kairos meeting: We are considering having a global Kairos meeting in Cape Town soon
after the Russell Tribunal. We do not yet have firm confirmation of this, but
we ask people who are interested to attend such a meeting to diarise 8 – 10
November in the meantime.

Three young  people (Aviwe Nyhila, Christel Erasmus and Felicity Sikhakhane) will be
representing Kairos SA at the SABEEL young adult conference in
Jerusalem at the end of July.

Thank you from the people in Palestine: The Palestine Kairos group is very encouraged by our
support for them and would like to thank everyone who is involved in some small
way to give support for their non-violent struggle. It is important that we
keep up the pressure, especially from South Africa. Israel will attempt to use
some South Africans to continue to support their narrative, but we need to let
them know that their time is up…a new Kairos has been declared…Please
continue to pray for the people of Palestine and support them in whichever
practical ways you can.

Open Shuhada street demonstration against AHAVA: Those who are in Cape Town are encouraged to support
the demonstration against Ahava products which will happen this coming Saturday
from 12h00 – 14h00 at 50 Kloof Street in Cape Town. We need to move beyond the
point of talking about solidarity with Palestine to disciplined non-violent
actions against the Israeli occupation and its supporters.

JTSA call for papers: The Journal of Theology for Southern Africa will
focus on Kairos Palestine in one of their future editions. Articles for
possible inclusion should be submitted to the Editors at JTSA@ukzn.ac.za.  Articles
should be submitted by 30 September 2011, and should conform to the JTSA
guidelines.   The link to their website is: http://sorat.ukzn.ac.za/journals/JTSA.aspx

God bless with all the good work that so many of you are doing across Southern Africa as well as globally.
Please keep us informed about this, so that we may find ways to support it.

Keep well.



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