Sign here for the UN to recognise a Palestinian State

Dear friends,

In four days the UN Security Council will meet, and the world has an
opportunity to embrace a new proposal that could turn the tide on decades of
failed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: UN recognition of the state of

Over 120 nations from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America have
already endorsed this initiative, but Israel’s right-wing government and the US
vehemently oppose it. The UK and other key European countries are still
undecided, but a massive public push now could tip them to vote for this
momentous opportunity to end 40 years of military occupation.

US-led peace initiatives have failed for decades, while Israel has confined the
Palestinians to small areas, confiscated their lands and blocked their
independence. This bold new initiative could be the best opportunity to jump
start a resolution of the conflict, but Europe and the UK must take the lead.
Let’s build a massive global call for the UK and other European leaders to
endorse this statehood bid now, and make clear that citizens across the world
support this legitimate, non-violent, diplomatic proposal. Sign the petition
and send this to everyone:

While the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are complex, most people on
all sides agree that the best path to peace now is the creation of two states.
But repeated peace processes have been undermined by violence on both sides,
extensive Israeli settlement-building in the West Bank, and the humanitarian
blockade on Gaza. The Israeli occupation has shrunk and fragmented the
territory for a Palestinian state and made daily life a crippling ordeal for
the Palestinian people. The UN, World Bank and IMF have all recently announced
that Palestinians are ready to run an independent state, but say the main
constraint to success is the Israeli occupation. Even the US President has
called for an end to settlement expansion and a return to the 1967 bo rders
with mutually agreed land-swaps, but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has
furiously refused to cooperate.

It’s time for a dramatic shift away from a futile peace process and on to a new
path for progress. While the Israeli and US governments are calling the
Palestinian initiative ‘unilateral’ and dangerous, in fact the world’s nations
overwhelmingly support this diplomatic move away from violence. Global recognition
of Palestine could crush extremists, and foster a growing non-violent
Palestinian-Israeli movement in step with the democratic momentum across the
region. Most importantly, it will rescue a path to a negotiated settlement,
allow the Palestinians access to a variety of international institutions that
can help advance Palestinian freedom, and send a clear signal to Israel’s
pro-settler government that the world will no longer accept their impunity and

For too long, Israel has undermined the hope for a Palestinian state. For too
long, the US has appeased them, and for too long Europe has hidden behind the
US. Right now, France, Spain, Germany, the UK and the High Representative of
the EU are on the fence about Palestinian statehood. Let’s appeal to them to
stand on the right side of history and support a Palestinian declaration of
freedom and independence, with overwhelming support, and financial aid. Sign
the urgent petition now to urge Europe to support the bid and back this move
for long-term peace in Israel and Palestine:

Palestinian statehood will not bring a resolution to this intractable conflict
overnight, but UN recognition will change the dynamics and will begin to unlock
the door towards freedom and peace. Across Palestine, people are preparing, wi
th hope and expectation, to reclaim a freedom their generation has never known.
Let’s stand with them and push European leaders to do the same, as they have
stood with the people of Egypt, Syria and Libya.

With hope and determination,

Alice, Ricken, Stephanie, Morgan, Pascal, Rewan and the entire Avaaz team


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