Assissi 2012: Where we dwell in common

Assisi 2012:

‘Where We Dwell in Common’

Pathways for Dialogue in the 21st Century


An Ecumenical Gathering organised by

The Ecclesiological Investigations
International Research Network

17th – 20th April 2012


Domus Pacis, Assisi, Italy

The Program for our gathering in broad general outline will be as follows:

Day 1:  ‘Thinking Outside the Ecumenical Box’: The Quest for Dialogue in the
Twenty-First Century

Day 2: What Remains Divisive?

Day 3: Where We Dwell in Common

Day 4: Re-energising the Ecumenical Cause

Following the Full Plenary Sessions from Day 2 onwards, our discussions, conversations
and reflections for each day will be divided into three thematic strands:

 Three Thematic Strands

A.    Intra/Inter-Church Issues

B.    Inter-faith Issues

C.    Faith and World/Culture

In the early evenings, prior to dinner, we will also be organizing more informal
discussions, ‘presentations’ and interactive conversations, based around two
further broad thematic clusters:

‘Food for Ecumenical Thought’

D.    Historical Perspectives

E.    Global and Context-specific Perspectives


Call for Papers

The call for papers and posters is now live.
Full details, as well as those concerning registration, are available at


We invite proposals for short papers (15 minutes max.) and poster
sessions. Group and joint proposals, as well as proposals for sessions and
themes are welcome (max 3 papers per session). Papers, posters and
presentations will be acceptable in English, French, German, Italian and
Spanish. The deadline for submission of all proposals is September 15th
. We ask that all proposals are submitted to Conference
Registration is now open and can be accessed here:



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