New frontiers in Liberation theology – a colloquim with Prof Allan Boesak

Please pass this information on to those in Gauteng province:

The Dept of Religion Studies at the University of
Johannesburg and Kairos (Southern Africa) presents

a One-Day Colloquium and a Public Lecture

New Frontiers in Liberation Theology – In Conversation
with Allan Boesak

Date: 14th September, 2011 (09.00-16.30)

Venue: Council Chambers, Madibeng, A Ring, 3rd
Floor, Auckland Park Campus, UJ

Professor Allan Boesak will lead a one-day colloquium
and a number of other leading liberation and feminist theologians will act as
discussants to his different presentations. Boesak will address the questions
such as “Does liberation theology have any meaningful contribution to make to
the many challenges facing the world and people in the 21st century? What are
the areas beyond race and poverty that it may have neglected? This colloquium
will consider new frontiers in liberation theology, in relation to themes such
as empire, global war and peace, economic and social justice, the quest for
sexual justice and the dignity of sexual orientation. In the evening, at 18.30 Professor Boesak will deliver a lecture open
to the public “Reconciliation and the Obligation of the Oppressed to the
Oppressor” The Lecture will be held in the Humanities Common Room in Ring, 3rd

Due to limited space and catering all participants for
the colloquium have to apply and pre-register. All those interested in
attending are required to send the attached completed application form to

No RSVP or is required for the public lecture.

For further information contact Matthew Palombo at


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