Rifat Kassis writes about non-violent resistance in Palestine

A new guide to Christian

non-violent resistance

In December 2009, a group of Palestinian Christian theologians launched Kairos
Palestine, a call for Christians locally and around the world to mobilize
against the injustice imposed on all Palestinians, Christian and Muslim, by the
Israeli occupation.

“We ask our sister churches not to offer a theological cover-up for the injustice
we suffer,” wrote the scholars, in a powerful call for non-violent resistance
against injustice in the Holy Land. Almost two years after the launch of Kairos
Palestine, one of the document’s co-authors has written a book offering new
insight to the Palestinian situation and the Kairos project.

In “Kairos for Palestine,” Rifat Odeh Kassis explains Kairos in the context of the
situation of Christians both in Palestine and the broader Arab world, their
realities and their dreams. “A Moment of Truth,” as the Kairos document is
officially known, recalls the Kairos Document released by black liberation
theologians during the worst years of Apartheid in South Africa. Kassis analyses
the South African document and compares the experience of the Kairos Palestine

In February of this year, the World Council of Churches urged member churches to
“study and disseminate the Kairos Palestine document, and to listen and concretely
respond to the Palestinian Christian aspirations and calls expressed in this

Kassis takes this call further, examining the tactics of non-violent resistance
promoted by the Kairos project. His book is an important contribution to the
literature of non-violent resistance in Palestine as well as a useful guide to
Kairos and how churches can use it as tool against injustice.

“Kairos for Palestine” by Rifat Odeh Kassis is available for $20 or €15 from www.spreadthe3rdvoice.blogspot.com.


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