Diocese of Natal resolution on Palestine and Israel

From Rev Janet Trisk:

At its 117th session the synod of the
Anglican diocese of Natal in the Province of Southern Africa considered the
situation in Palestine and Israel. Speakers shared their own experiences of the
conditions under which Palestinians live and compared and contrasted these to
conditions for Black people in South Africa under apartheid. One speaker warned
against equating the modern state of Israel with God’s chosen people. The following
resolution was passed on 7 October 2011:

This Synod


  1. The dispossession of  the people of Palestine from their land and the denial
    of their citizenship rights in the land of their birth
  2. The support of a military-industrial complex in Israel and the monopolising of
    natural resources
  3. The call in the Kairos Palestine document for a non-violent solution to the

Resolves to:

  1. Commend the Palestine Kairos document for study by all our congregations
  2. Urge all parishes to observe the annual WCC week of Prayer for Palestine, but
    praying every Sunday for the peace of Jerusalem.
  3. Work and pray for a just peace in Israel and Palestine
  4. Develop Bible studies that would emphasise the reign of God rather than violence and
    land dispossession

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