Live webstreaming opportunity to discuss “Bible, Land and our theological challenge”

Join a live web streaming
of a theological symposium on “Bible, Land, and our Theological Challenge”.

Dear friends,

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN), a network of the Presbyterian Church
(USA) is organizing a theological symposium on the theme: “Bible, Land, and our
Theological Challenge: A Presbyterian Conversation”. The symposium aims to “help
Presbyterians formulate our position on the knotty issues of interfaith
relations raised by the report “Christians and Jews: People of God.”

The IPMN mandate is to create “currents of wider and deeper Presbyterian
involvement with Palestinian partners, aimed at demonstrating solidarity and
changing the conditions that erode the humanity of Palestinians.” By
holding this symposium the IPMN hopes to remain faithful to that mandate while
fostering an open process of consultation.

The event is scheduled for 13 October 2011 at the Presbyterian Centre, Louisville,
Kentucky, United States. In order to allow for friends of the Presbyterian
Church outside Louisville to join in the debate, the IPMN is organizing live
web streaming of the symposium so as to follow the proceedings on video-feed on
their website and on Facebook.

The site,, also
contains background information and details about the programme.

PIEF encourages PIEF constituents to follow the symposium because it seeks to strike
at the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by “a careful, honest and deep
discussion of how Christians are to be guided by biblical theology of the land
in the context of the political realities in the US and in the Middle East

In solidarity,

Ranjan Solomon


Palestine-Israel Ecumenical forum


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