Hessel and Mansfield to speak at IDASA on 3 November

Stéphane Hessel and Michael Mansfield QC

A concentration camp survivor and a
controversial barrister – both in Cape Town to serve as jurists for the Third
International Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine – will be answering questions
from the media at the Cape Town Democracy Centre at 3pm on Thursday, 3

Stéphane Hessel
is a diplomat, writer, concentration camp
survivor and former French Resistance fighter, who helped in the editing of the
1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Michael Mansfield QC
is a barrister, self-described ‘radical lawyer’ who was involved in
controversial court cases involving the IRA and the death of Princess Diana.

The tribunal asks “Are Israel’s practices against the Palestinian People in
breach of the prohibition on Apartheid under International Law?” and will be
held at the District Six Museum from 5-7 November. Other jury members include
author Alice Walker, Ronnie Kasrils and Yasmin Sooka.

Date: Thursday 3 November 2011

Time: 3pm

Place: Idasa’s Cape Town Democracy Centre, 6 Spin Street, Cape


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