Nelson Mandela Bay Consultation of Christian Churches press statement on the SADTU strike



In an article which appeared in the Herald of Friday 11 November 2011, we, the Education Focus Group of
the NMBCCC, appealed to SADTU not to go ahead with the proposed strike. One of
the main reasons we gave was that children, especially those from disadvantaged
backgrounds, would suffer very greatly.

It was with great relief, and thanks to the Almighty,
that we subsequently learnt that SADTU had decided not to go ahead with the
proposed strike. We wish to applaud SADTU for this decision. The future of our
children should always be uppermost in our minds.

While we understand that the strike has merely been put
on hold, pending the fulfilment of the promises which have been made by the
Provincial Government, we still want to plead with SADTU not to go ahead with
the proposed strike. As we suggested in our previous plea, other strategies
should be found to deal with current problems. One such strategy is obviously
talks between the Government and SADTU which SADTU has commendably agreed to
engage in. Let us take a leaf out of the negotiations, sometimes protracted,
which preceded and heralded the democracy we now enjoy.

We would, however, appeal to the Eastern Cape Government,
especially those in the Education Department, to be of the same mind. You have
in your charge the education of our youth, and each child whose education is
spoiled due to mishandled beurocracy,
is a child lost to the future of this nation. You carry an enormous
responsibility to act diligently and transparently work towards a better future
for our country. Teachers are an indispensible part of this process and we
would urge you to enable them to do their vital job in all that you do, so that
education can be made accessible to all children.

For more information, contact:

Rev Zwelidumile Tom




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