Two stories told by Arch-emeritus Desmond Tutu

Two stories told yesterday by Arch-emeritus Tutu:

Story no 1:

Desmond Tutu dies and he arrives at the pearly gates.

St Peter asks him his name and then he checks the list.

“No, your name is not on this list.” St Peter says. “You have to go to the other place.”

A few days later there is another knock on the pearly gates, and when St Peter opens the door, he discovers it is the devil himself.

“What are you doing here?”, St Peter asks him

“That chap, Tutu, whom you sent to me. Do you remember him?” the devil asks.

“Yes”, said St Peter.

“Well”, says the devil, “he is causing so much trouble that I am coming here to apply for political asylum!”

Story no 2:

Joseph and Mary arrives in Bethlehem and discovers there is no room for them in the Inn.

“Please” Joseph begs to the innkeeper “my wife is about to give birth and we need a place for this birth to happen. Please try and make space for us”.

“No, it is not my problem”, says the Innkeeper.

To which Joseph replies: “But it is not my problem either!”


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