Resolutions adopted by the Anglican Synod of Port Elizabeth 23 – 26 May 2012

The following resolutions were presented by Fr Zweli Tom and passed by the Synod:


Resolution no 1: The growing gap between the richest and poorest in South Africa

This Synod


The growing gap between the richest and poorest in South Africa, making us the most unequal country on the earth

That this is clearly not sustainable and can only lead to more tension between South Africans

That much of our church life is silent about this matter and seems to accept it as God-given

That we have failed to acknowledge the disparities of the past as sin.


Hereby affirm

That the disparities in our society are human-created and not God-given

That we can, with God’s help, work to close these disparities in all aspects of our life together

That is in our common interest to resolve this matter as urgently as possibly

That it is a theological imperative for Christians to repent of this and work to close these gaps in the societies where we live

Hereby resolves to:

Respectfully request the Bishop to set up a Commission to look at:

 2.1 How much the children of God are still segregated by the past

 2.2 How we can work together, to produce a ‘new church’ which is really saved from the prejudices and divisions of the past.

 2.3 Commission to present a report to the Diocesan Councils before the next Synod and the recommendations to be presented to the next Diocesan Synod.

 2.4          To Work with Kairos Southern Africa to close the gaps between the richest and the poorest in South Africa over the next ten years.


Resolution 2:  resolution on how to end poverty



 That we preach about poverty in our churches, but, there are no clear plans/strategies to end poverty and neither is there a commitment to fight it

That the church preaches that it is salt and light, but hardly ever provides flavour to our society and gives guidance about the way forward in our society



That we need to do social analysis that will help us to understand the differences between poverty alleviation, poverty reduction and poverty eradication

That we need to discern when welfare is needed, when development is needed and when the changing of policy is needed

That we need trained people who can work in these areas and assist us with the discerning process but that we should constantly be busy in all three areas of work towards the ending of poverty in this country


Hereby resolves to:

 Urge congregations to study the three different ways of responding to poverty

To urge congregations to set up groups that can respond to all three these responses

To urge Archdeaconries to make this a permanent part of all Archdeaconry agendas so that we can be accountable on this matter.


Resolution no 3: Support for the Kairos SA “Million Signature campaign”



That Kairos SA has written a prophetic and pastoral letter to the ANC

That they have met with the ANC and expressed these concerns to them

That Kairos SA has committed to be engaged with the ANC but not embedded in the ANC

That Kairos SA has launced a million signature campaign to not only speak truth to power, but also to allow the truth to be spoken to the people.


Affirm our full support for this initiative by Kairos SA as an expression of what we feel

And Resolve to:

Sign the Million signature campaign sheet as delegates to this Synod

Take campaign sheets to our parishes and urge all our parishioners above the age of 16 years to sign it as soon as possible.




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