Is this a true reflection of the Church?



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  1. No, definitely not!



    • Posted by Edwin Arrison on August 14, 2012 at 11:26 am

      Hi Jan. Thanks for your response. Could you please say why you say such an emphatic no?



      • Because it seems as though you see the church as a tank at war with “whatever is around”. If you showed or even just hinted why you could think of portraying the church as as a battle tank … I could have reacted differently.If for instance it could be pictured at war with the kingdom of darkness …


  2. Thanks Jan. No, it is not my work, but the work of an artist who puts the question out there to begin a conversation. As a Christian, I have to ask whether this is so since I am part of the church and also love the church. The history of the church unfortunately does not give me the luxury of saying an emphatic No. For example, while the Spirit of God was present in Africa long before the missionaries arrived, they saw themselves as “the church” who came to South Africa, but they came with colonialism, in other words with violence and weapons of war. Some churches blessed chaplains who served in the apartheid army. And today the church is just generally too silent about a global war industry that is threatening our very existence on Mother Earth. It is clear (to me at least) that the Jesus whom we find in scripture has a bias towards non-violence but the war industry is filled by people who sits in our churches, who calls themselves “Christians” and who still have a Crusade mentality (by saying “we must kill the terrorists before they kill us and destroy our way of life”). Should the church not have armies of non-violent resisters all over the world, teaching love, compassion and forgiveness? It seems to me as if the young people who are protesting on the streets throughout the world are perhaps better at proclaiming the non-violent message of Jesus…..



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