Church statements on Marikana mine massacre

Statement from the SACC, Muslim Network and the Dutch Reformed Church


A statement from the South African Catholic Bishops conference:


A statement from the Methodist Church of Southern Africa:


A statement from Archbishop Thabo Makgoba


A statement from Ben Khumalo-Seegelken and others in Germany:

To the

Government of the

Republic of South   Africa


via the

Embassy of the

Republic of South   Africa in the

FederalRepublic of Germany



and a copy to the

South African Council of Churches [SACC]




Consternation and concern


We received the news that yesterday in South Africa police shot at demostrating mine-workers and killed at least 30 of them.


We are horror-stricken. The darkest hours of the apartheid-era come to mind.


We mourn with the families and relatives and demand that the incident be investigated thoroughly and that those found responsible take the consequences.


Berlin, 17 August 2012


Ben Khumalo-Seegelken; Ubbo Khumalo-Seegelken; Holger App; Guido Mayus;  Tobias Weger; Michaela Zalucki; Martin Hausmann; Ulla; Michael Heyer; Hein Möllers; Eva Range; Klaus Maßmann; Eric Singh; H Georg Dalka; Birgit Acar; Willy Petermann; Heinrich Herlyn; Rita Klages; Brigitte Gläser; Antke Akkermann; Karl Schmidt; Norbert Gesser; Wolfgang Buchmeier; Eva Militz; Jürgen Leinhos; Ursula Epple; Ulrich Hartig; Petra Schwarzer; Tamara Siebenmorgen-Koch; Stella Cockburn; Thandi Thusi; Jens Freymuth; Sabine Bosse; Nikias-Sebastian Obitz; Diana Lust; Ruth Rieß; Britta Rust; Ludger Hobitz-Rust; Reinhild Seegelken-Dehn; Anja Plankenhorn; Niels Erlank; Dieter Schütte-Boelter; Birgit Beck; Almuthe Vorwerk; Hubert Vorwerk; Meike Bukowski.




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