Dear Comrades

You who once were children, students,
young athletes become the heroes
of we the people warmly teeming
in the joyful new republic of our dreams,
a fulsome, healthy common weal;
you who once yourself were dreaming heroes
in your speechifying or in striking poses
defiant and heroic like Olympic gods
with raised fists over balustrades,
from balconies and stages
overlooking us,
and at the sides of graves
in vigil overlooking our fallen comrades
believing their blood makes fruitful
the earth of what would be that new republic.

A NEW republic!
How daring you were then,
almost almost the gods
we were keening for, that we’d make.
How daring then to have just that:
a dream. Just a dream.
Yet how you dreamed. In your dream
you were become a god who could defy the force of death.

And we would harbour you, we
the people in our council…

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