Another English translation of the hymn “Lizalis’ idinga lakho”

Kindly tranlated by Dr Ben Khumalo-Seegelken

For a reflection about the life and work of Rev Tiyo Soga, please see Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s blog on


Lizalis’ idinga lakho,               (Fullfil/realise your promise)

Thixo Nkosi yenyaniso!            (Lord, truthful God)

Zonk’ iintlanga, zonk’ izizwe,  (each clan and every nation)

Ma zizuze usindiso.                 (should attain salvation)


Amadolo kweli lizwe,              (Every knee in this land)

Ma kagobe phambi kwakho;     (should bow before you)

Zide zithi zonk’ iilwimi,           (until every tongue)

Ziluxel’ udumo lwakho.           (proclaims your glory)


Law’la, law’la, Nkosi, Yesu!    (Reign, rule, Lord Jesus!)

Koza ngawe ukonwaba;           (through you shall joy and happiness come)

Ngeziphithi-phithi zethu,         (owing to our squabbles)

Yonakele imihlaba.                 (havock has come over countries)


Bona izwe lakowethu,             (Behold the land of ours)

uxolel’ izoono zalo;                (treat its wrongs mercifully)

Ungathob’ ingqumbo yakho,    (do not send your wrath)

Luze luf’ usapho lwalo.           (lest your children perish)


Yaala, Nkosi, singadeli            (Forbid, Lord, that we dare forsake)

Iimfundiso zezwi lakho;          (the teachings of your Word)

Uze usivuselele,                     (till you revive us)

Sive inyaniso yakho.               (that we obey your truth)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lungile Mpetsheni on February 12, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    This is actually the version that is contained in the Methodist Hymnal. The Presbyterians pride themselves for using the original version of this Tiyo Soga’s powerful prayer. In verse 1 third line is “Zonk’intlanga zalo mhlaba” – (all the nations of this land).

    Verse 5 goes: “Yala singatshabalali, usiphile ukhanyiso; Bawo ungasibulali ngokudela inyaniso” (Save us from perishing, for you have have hiven us light; Father do not destroy (kill) us for despising the truth)

    Verse 6:
    “Nkosi khawusikelele imfundiso zezwe lethu; uze usivuselele siphuthume ukulunga”.
    (Lord bless the teachings of our nation; revive so that we may restore goodness/righteousness).

    It is powerful indeed. This nation should get time to reflect on the prayer and apply it in our daily activies.



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