22 – 24 January 2013 Indaba Summary of decisions


South African Christian Leadership Indaba 2013

 Summary of decisions

 We rejoice in the way the Lord brought us together over the three days of the Christian Leadership Indaba. While it was by no means the entirety of the Church in our nation, we believe an important impetus was given to the ongoing quest for Christian unity and mission.

 Indeed the Indaba as an event follows other initiatives for Christian unity and missional relevance, in which by God’s grace, an opportunity was given to the Body of Christ to deepen its unity and prophetic faithfulness.   

 We wish to acknowledge our own failures of not following through from past conferences/gatherings/indaba’s.

 Accordingly, we have started a process towards a 30year vision, and will continue to engage with all relevant stakeholders as we build on this vision of our journey together as we serve the Lord and the people of our country.

 We have committed to walking together, and are determined not to allow anyone to divide us.

 We affirm actions and initiatives that are already happening and wish to pledge our support for them.

 In all that we plan to do, our focus will be to work towards securing a dignified and sustainable future for every South African; in this regard we will focus on aspects such as sustainable and dignified job creation, biblical and church-led restitution, applicable world-class Early Childhood Development, school and tertiary education, and leadership development at all levels. 

Things to do and follow up on:

 The Council of elders (patrons) of this Indaba are requested to incorporate what we have done and the journey that we have begun into the work of the Christian Leaders Forum, as they continue to work for the broadening of the forum and we empower them to speak on our behalf. 

We commit ourselves to a process of prayer, which in the short term includes: 

  • Supporting the education prayer initiative in February issued by Church Leaders Summit on Education held in Bloemfontein in 2012 (Further details and DVD resources are available to assist churches to engage the challenges in Education. Call TEASA 011 3331482 email teasa@mweb.co.za),
  • Celebrating Ascension day (we will commit to actions of hope and compassion on that day)
  • Engage in 240 hours of prayer & fasting leading up to Pentecost Sunday. We mandate our prayer networks to make this happen.

We commit to engage with leaders from across the spectrum: the church, business, labour etc. to broaden the process. We want to begin this as soon as possible, getting buy-in from the major denominations and groupings.

 We recognise that funds will be required to take this process forward. We will draw up a business plan and involve the business community in this regard.

We expect that Christian business leaders will play important facilitation, implementation and other roles in such debates, indaba’s, etc. We plan to begin with a process of getting together such grouping(s) of Christian business leaders as soon as possible.

 We recognise that we need a brand.

 We plan to address our stewardship responsibility towards the environment.

 We want to communicate effectively and thus we want to come up with a comprehensive communication strategy.

 We call on the regions to meet to broaden this process towards a united prophetic witness and are greatly encouraged at the initiatives planned for the regions by those who attended.

 We plan to prepare, as soon as possible, a more detailed draft “plan” of the outcomes of the indaba; and then to present this to all the denominations and churches for their acceptance and buy-in (with changes they may wish to make).

 Who will take this forward?

 We recognise that the sponsoring bodies might grow.

 The current leadership team, including a youth representative, will meet on 21 February in Cape Town. The leadership group is encouraged to add more women to the leadership team.

 Marcus van Wyk (vwmarcus@ukuzwana.com) will be the point person for the logistical process with AE providing logistical support where necessary. We acknowledge the generous offer of Heartlines in making an office available.


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