‘Poverty is a massive crime against humanity’

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Duetche Welle

Philosopher Thomas Pogge has accused the wealthy in western democracies of actively harming the world’s poor by propagating the wrong political and economic systems. During a recent visit to Germany, Pogge spoke to DW.

econ2DW: In 1973 the World Bank president said it would be possible to eradicate poverty within the 20th century, but that hasn’t happened. The new goal is 2030. Why has progress been so slow?

Thomas Pogge: Inequality has increased. If poor people had participated proportionately in global economic growth, poverty would already be history. It’s quite possible to eradicate poverty, but we have to rethink the fundamental rules of our economic system. Currently these rules are designed by the privileged and rich for the privileged and rich. We need to rethink these rules to consider the poor.

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