Being Light in the Midst of Darkness

Never Give Up

As we were heading out to dinner last night, our host told us in a simple and loving voice “oh, just take enough money with you for dinner, you never know.. we might get held up.” A gentle smile and we followed him out the door of a high rise structure that can be called “an apartment complex” where the tenants that live here have to go through thumb print clearance in order to just get into the building through the thick gates and security guards with batons. Such a statement is simple for Nigel Branken to say because he probably thinks this every time he leaves his apartment knowing that several times he was held up by men with guns and robbed just around the block where he, his wife Trish and six children (including a new born) live.   This in an area of Johannesburg known as Hillbrow.

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  1. Posted by hermina Damons on September 17, 2013 at 10:08 am

    Sami this is such a profound observation about the ‘them and us’ syndrome that prevail in society everywhere. Be safe. & enjoy your visit.



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