The crisis facing the Cremisan Valley near Bethlehem

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  1. Posted by Mario on March 6, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    The voices of change are growing daily in South Africa. A change in which we start realising that the society we live in is fraught (frot) with competition, division, fighting, violence and social decay. Our minds have been colonised by a system of greed bestowed on Africa some 400 years ago. We have resisted this force from Harry Die Strandloper to the mineworkers of Marikana.
    We however remain in the grips of apartheid when we continue the FIGHT. The coloniser is the only beneficiary when we FIGHT for or against anything. People are fighting in the homes, mothers with their children, workers with the bosses, in the schools and on the streets. We do not appreciate each other instead we see each other as adversaries (enemies).
    We are awakening to the fact that the FIGHTING keeps us DIVIDED. So instead of living in this decay we can break it through coming together as people, without labels. We have a rich tradition of coming together when our African humanity is under threat. There is more that unites as than divides us. We need to search to find that common thread of starting to care for each other. Our humanity is at stake.
    Our African nature of sharing needs to instilled because the greed, self-enrichment and competition keeps us at each others throats. Lets start talking of bringing peace and friendship to our streets.
    Lets start thinking of the police as carers of the people who no longer walk around with guns. Instead of this apartheid police uniform they can identify themselves differently.
    Lets start thinking of an alternative education system which caters for all instead of one meant for those who have money.
    Lets start thinking again because our brains have been conditions to behave like robots. Our behaviour is conditioned by what we see and hear on TV, what the coloniser decides we must read in the newspapers and what we are taught in our schools.
    Let us break from this mental slavery.
    Let the people of South Africa speak.



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