Another Angle

Hatred is one of life’s most awkward subjects. But it is real. This is how I handle it in Barefoot Prayers.


Sometimes it happens.
I respond
as I should not.
I react.
I tense up.
I go hot or, maybe,

When I have seen carelessness or
cruelty or the
abuse of power or
arrogance in action
And I have seen people hurt.
People like me.
Even me.

To call it anger is true – but
it is more than anger.
Anger is like an espresso
bitter, short and with a kick that

This is something stronger. It is
Yes, capital ‘H’.
It is a bitter cup, to be sure.
But it is long and its effects are slow.

It has found a home in me.
Wormed its way through my better self
and into my soul to lay its poisonous
parasitical spawn.

I feel it…

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  1. Posted by Katherine Cunningham on March 27, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    Thank you for this meditation. It’s been a tough go for the Israel Palestine Mission Network here in the US after our newest publication came out–along with working once again for divestment and other justice issues for Palestinians as we gear up for our General Assembly.




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