Kairos to SA Government: Sever Diplomatic and Trade Ties with Israel


The role of the South African government is unique in the world, given our country’s history of apartheid. Yet it lags behind in its solidarity with the Palestinians. Kairos Southern Africa asks for urgent, decisive action – not statements – in a formal request to the government of the Republic of South Africa:


18 July 2014

To: The Honourable Minister of International Relations Ms Maite E Nkoana-Mashabane
CC: The Honourable Mr. H.T Magama, Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee of International Relations and Cooperation, and the Deputy Director-General for DIRCO c/o Mr Clayson Monyela

Kairos Southern Africa believes that all lives have the same value, and that all violence is destructive. The current and ongoing situation between Israel and Palestine poses a critical test for the international community’s commitment to international law and human dignity.

Any attempt to remain neutral in this kind of conflict is both futile and immoral. Neutrality…

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  1. Posted by undulem1975 on July 19, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    Thank you for this clear message . But my views are to continue to push for a lasting solution to Israel and Palestine conflict .. They have to learn to live together … They have to co exist no matter what . War will never benefit any body but just bring miseries to vulnerable groups such as women .children and the elderly . Second those arming Hamas must stop immediately … Those influencing Israel to bomb innocent civilians must stop also now . Hamas can not win neither Israel too …the best is to talk issues out . Hamas and Israel must know that whether they like it or not they will live side by side until Jesus Christ comes back. I pray for this conflict …



    • We believe in the same thing. The Kairos Palestine document makes it clear that the land should be for all the people. One must unfortunately ask: Why did even the Kerry initiative to get and keep the parties talking, fail? The reality is that the one who is “in power” (in this case Israel) has the greater responsibility to ensure that the talks lead to a positive outcome, but when this same party (who already controls at least 78% of the land) continues and continues to build more settlements on the 22% of Palestinian land, you know that they are not serious and that they are simply waiting for the time when they can take over all the land. So, as we learned the hard way in South Africa, it is only pressure, pressure, pressure on Israel that will move this situation and those longing for a non-violent as possible outcome, we believe, has no option but to support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel. This is what got the South African government talking for real and it is probably the only thing that will get Israel to talk with some level of integrity…..sad, but true….



      • Posted by undulem1975 on July 20, 2014 at 10:17 am

        Thank you for your explanation . This morning I watched TV …I watched the sorry state and shock the Palestine are … Children , women and the elderly running to no where … Almost 233 plus died including 33 children … Why all this …? This is unacceptable … Where is the world to stop all these miseries ? . At whatever costs Palestine and Israel’s must live side by side …. It’s now or never … Israel can never eliminate Palestine and Hamas can’t eliminate the state of Israel … Lord have mercy on the people in both nations…. We put this conflict in our prayers …


  2. There will be no peace and no justice unless the root causes of the conflict are addressed. The roots of the conflict lie in Israel’s decades-long illegal occupation of the West Bank, the building of illegal settlements in the occupied territories, the forced take-over of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, and the effective establishment of an apartheid system that systematically removes the most basic human rights of Palestinians.” this is my message to all blind and deaf socalled leaders of the world! Shame on you for not taking a stand on war crimes etc.



    • Posted by undulem1975 on July 21, 2014 at 12:42 pm

      Peace is paramount … No violence will settle this conflict … Lord touch the leadership of the world for peace …



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