Is BDS in South Africa really an abject failure? A reply to Ben Levitas.


by Affan Sosibo               

The Jerusalem Post recently carried a long missive rhetorically titled “BDS in South Africa-an abject failure”. The author of the article is Mr Ben Levitas a member of the South African Zionist Deep State. From the threshold, let me explain my choice of the terms Zionist Deep state instead of “Jewish Lobby”.  There is a Jewish lobby in South Africa. It is vocal, influential and powerful.  Members of this Jewish Lobby are proud South Africans and dedicated citizens. They are an unwieldy group of individuals and organisations devoted to supporting the needs and interests of the South African Jewish community. This Jewish lobby is a player in representative government, and its very existence confirms the ordinary place Jews have within our democratic dispensation. Not so long ago, 500 members of this lobby wrote and signed a public statement denouncing Israel…

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