Israel and Bonhoeffer a status confessionis

Theology in the Vineyard

My friend Murph told me  that the King of Jordan was on Jon Stewart   the week of September 24.He stated that “until Israel and Palestine are settled (Pun intended) the rest of the Middle East is at risk.”

Many people believe this and refuse to be marginalized by Israel firsters whose main justification for its barbarous treatment of the Palestinians seems to be.”Why pick on us—why not the Sudan. Syria etc.” It is a fatuous argument which basically admits  “Yeah, we know it’s not nice but look at other countries’ behaviour.

The King of Jordan is nearer to the truth.This shocking treatmenrt of a largely Muslim people, surrounded by other Muslim countries cries out for justice.The resolution of this one-sided conflict would dampen temperatures in the whole Middle East.

For Christians it appears to me a status confessionis a make or break issue. The church of Jesus Christ must…

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