4 Kairos30 questions to discuss (and deepen) in small groups

At the Kairos 30th anniversary celebrations, we discussed the following four questions in small groups, and we asked groups to deepen/refine the question before moving on to the next question.

The four opening questions that we asked people to problematize and deepen, are:

  1. Give your comments/critiques/limitations of the 1985 Kairos document and process and any comments on subsequent processes and documents


  1. Is there an equivalent Kairos today in which is God is challenging us?


  1. Are there signs of hope? What are they?


  1. What kind of Kairos leadership is necessary for today’s challenges?

Feel free to discuss these questions in small groups in your congregations, and feed back your responses below.

For more information on what was said and what transpired from the Kairos 30th celebrations, please see:



3 responses to this post.

  1. I deeply empathized with the facts and feelings expressed in the recent statement from the Vaal and that expresses the some of the present Kairos moment amongst us. I feel strongly with them.

    I despair though, due to the poverty of denominational Christian life, of the possibility of forming really robust discussion groups willing to take on the realities.

    I am disturbed by the issues expressed and think they all relate to a crushing tendency in the country for sometime now. This is the general reluctance to take fundamental responsibility for being citizens of Africa.

    I am talking about us as individuals. Not the Church leadership or the government only. For me the most recent heart rending event that has gone almost totally unnoticed by the wider society is the Dutch Reformed Church white membership voting against the acceptance of the Belhar Confession.

    I think this needs to be taken up ENERGETICALLY by all Christians. It embraces each of the questions you pose now.

    The tendency I talk of is the inertia that has not accepted the gift of the Christian calling made on us in this continent. We each need to actively learn another language, and inform ourselves of the intricacies of a culture not our own.

    The Church as a whole needs to stand up and proactively, moment by moment, person to person be united Belhar Christians.

    This is the most creative way to challenge our Church leadership and Government, by each of us WAKING UP AND GOING THE EXTRA MILE!!!


    We are all Africans, and South Africans. Blessings to all of you, John Murray Grahamstown



  2. Thank you John. We feel with you. Even more importantly than our own individual views, at Kairos SA we believe it is better if small groups discuss and discern things together, and these 4 questions are a good way to start. So please encourage a small group of people in Grahamstown (you can even speak to the students and staff at COT) to reflect with you on these questions, to deepen and refine it, and then please share your thoughts on this page….God bless.



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