FAQ: Volmoed Young Leaders Training programme (VYLTP)

FAQ: Volmoed Young Leaders Training programme (VYLTP)

1. What are the dates of this programme? For 2016, the dates are 22 May to 31 July 2016
2. Why is such a programme important now? The various #mustfall movements is a clear indication that our young people are both leading and need leadership, and because this is the 40th anniversary of June 1976, the time is ideal to start this new course for young ecumenical leaders.
3. What age-group will the participants be? 20 – 30 years old
4. Is it over weekends or during the week? It is a full-time 10 week residential course
5. Where will it be held? The first week will be held in Cape Town and the rest of the 9 weeks at Volmoed retreat centre http://www.volmoed.co.za in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley, close to Hermanus in the Western Cape
6. What is the deadline to apply for 2016? We hope to have most of the applications by 22 March, two months before the course starts.
7. What will it cost? The cost for 2016 is R25 000 per participant. A deposit of R2500 must be paid by 7 April 2016. This will show your commitment to the course.
8. Will there be scholarships available and how do I apply for these? Yes, there are a few half-bursaries available (R12 500). You apply by writing to Rev Edwin Arrison at earrison78@telkomsa.net
9. Are there other suggested ways of fundraising? Yes, it will cost approximately R350 per day for you to be on the course. There is a collection list available where you can approach individuals to sponsor you for a day. Congregations can also be approached to assist, as well as individuals, businesses, trusts, etc. People can also use the crowdsourcing method to raise funds as well.
10. How do I register for the course? Simply fill in the form at http://www.christianspirit.co.za/volmoed-registration
11. Will it be for South Africans only? No, young leaders from across Africa have begun to register. People in the USA, UK and Germany have also expressed interest.
12. Will this course be accredited? Yes, by Cornerstone College in Cape Town
13. Is it for Christians only? It will be Christian-based and therefore anyone who applies will have to respect that and actively participate in all the elements of the course, whether it is the worship, Bible studies or the rest of the course.
14. Who are the staff members of the course? Besides Edwin Arrison and John de Gruchy (who will be part-time), the full-time staff will be young people. For 2016, the staff will be Siki Dlanga, Louis van der Riet and Gerlyn Henry (an intern from the USA)
15. What will be the content of the course? The programme will be run under the following five themes: (1) Creation and creativity; (b) Healing and Wholeness; (c) Justice and Peace; (d) Living in Community and (5) Reconciliation. We will deal with these both theologically and theoretically. Practical lessons will be drawn from this through the see-judge-act method.
16. Will there be practical courses as well? Yes, there will be modules in fundraising and financial management; event planning and management; art; community development, social entrepreneurship, etc.
17. What else can I expect as a participant? Besides the content of the course, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Volmoed, the whale-watching season in Hermanus, networking possibilities, dedicated staff, travel in the Overberg to the southernmost part of Africa, etc.
18. Who do I approach with enquiries? Please email Rev Edwin Arrison at earrison78@telkomsa.net
19. Which organisations support this course? Volmoed, the Centre for Christian Spirituality, Kairos SA, SACLI, The Warehouse, Desmond Tutu Centres in Cape Town and New York, the Bonnhoefer unit of the Beyers Naude Centre at Stellenbosch University, Cornerstone College.

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